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When searching for a plastering company in the Melbourne area you have a broad range of choices. Hayden’s Plastering was founded by one of the best plastering professionals in Melbourne. Before he started his company Hayden’s work has an amazing reputation. He represented Queensland in the 2004 World Skills Trade Competition finishing 3rd from 8 teams. Three of the projects he has been involved in have received various awards ranging from bathroom of the year, through to House of the Year in the $2 million plus category. Two of the Apprentices he has trained have received “Apprentice of the Year” nominations in the last 2 years from the Master Builders Association of Victoria and Skills Training Australia.

Hayden’s Plastering is growing rapidly and continues build relationships with the community in Melbourne. We have close ties with the master builders association Victoria and enjoy being apart of the Melbourne construction community. We have received raving reviews from our growing list of satisfied customers.

Oscar Mariona

 “Highly recommend using these guys the work they do is fast and high quality. greatly appreciate the work you did boys! keep it up”
Hayden’s Plastering Interiors Combining over 10 years of industry experience with the latest in technology, Hayden’s Plastering Interiors is the perfect combination of creativity and quality workmanship. Whether it’s bringing new life to an existing home, creating a modern flawless interior in a new construction or adding special features just to add a little something, The Faultless service and quality of Hayden’s Plastering Interiors will surely deliver, for either your residence or business.Be it commercial, residential, heritage or contemporary, Hayden’s Plastering Interiors is committed to creating a space that is a pleasure to be in. We take pride in the ability to achieve client’s visions and try to exceed their expectations. Its for that very Reason that Hayden’s Plastering Interiors have built reputation as an industry leader here in the Melbourne Victoria’s Plastering construction industry.
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Plaster Cornices: Instant Classic Beauty

Plaster Cornices

Most of you have seen plaster cornices but have not known what they are called. They are the elaborate mouldings that join the wall and the ceiling much the way that baseboard mouldings join the floor and the walls. The history of plaster cornice moulding architecture and its decorative style dates back to the  European classicism of Mansart, Palladio and Wren. The style is also spread throughout the world as the few remaining buildings from that era still keep the style, and newer building emulate this timeless look. Many older buildings over time look to have these older pieces repaired or replaced and newer builders are inspired by the beauty. Historic ornamental plaster cornices were made of gypsum and lime which are stable and durable materials. Using the same materials or replacing them with plaster is an art to bring them back to original quality. An extremely versatile material, plaster can be modeled, cast, incised, colored, stamped, or stenciled to look like any of the older or newer moulds. We are experts at replicating and installing these plaster cornices to give your home that classic beauty.

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There are a wide variety of plaster cornices to choose from. From very elaborate, to just a simple moulding, we have what your design needs call for. We use only the best quality products to ensure a long lasting product, along with our expert installation your mouldings will always look beautiful. Another key step is blending the edges of the cornice with the wall and ceiling to flow perfectly together. Some rooms have a different steps with different cornices on each level. This classic architecture has an infinite amount of combinations that look beautiful together.

Contact Hayden’s Plastering today to schedule a free estimate and see examples of mouldings that you would like to see in your home. We can also answer questions about existing mouldings that may need repair or replacement. Our plastering professionals have the experience and expertise to make your home beautiful.

Our Plastering Process

How do we create such beautifully plastered walls?


Plastering is one of trades that is almost considered an art form. Most professional construction builders and do it yourself enthusiasts would rather hire a professional then attempt to take on a big plastering job themselves. Although plastering can be done by anyone, the results may be devastating and having to look at your results day in and day out isn’t something most homeowners want to do. Leaving your plastering needs up to us ensures a beautiful, artistic job well done. Here are some of the steps that allow us to create perfect plastering.

Preparing your surface is one of the most overlooked and important parts of the process. Usually we are covering damaged or unfinished walls and preparing them so that the plaster won’t chip, crack or fall off in chunks is essential. Plaster won’t stick to wallpaper, dirt, dust, wet or loose wall. We then prepare the wall with glue and water. The proper solution is a sort of primer that will help keep the wall from absorbing moisture that would damage your plaster and walls from the inside. It also helps bond the plaster mixture to the surface.

Getting the perfect plaster mix is the next step in the process. Adding just enough plaster to the water so that it is lump free takes quite a bit of precision. Then stirring until the consistency is just right that it’s not to thick and not thin enough where it will slide off the trowel when applied. Other tips include always using fresh clean water and testing the consistency so that a paint stick will sit perfectly on its own stood up in the mixture.

Not going to fast and making sure all the plaster is applied in the correct steps is next up in the process. From application of both coats, dry and wet trawling all the way to final polishing. Each step has its procedure and doing all carefully and not rushing is what allows the finished product to look so beautiful. Touching up the coats until we and our customers are satisfied takes just the right steady hand. Keeping the plaster clean is also something we watch for as not to have any bad patches.

Finally we do not over polish the finish. Getting the plaster to be just like the feel of an eggshell is perfect. We could polish it to an almost perfect glass like feel, but that leads to areas that peel very easy and other areas that are rock hard. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Why choose plaster?

Why should I choose plaster for my interior walls?


When most people think of remodeling or building a home, the first thing that comes to mind is kitchen and bathroom fixtures, adding square footage and windows and doors. Very little thought goes to the interior walls. People don’t think of their interior walls unless there is a problem. Though they do provide separation and privacy as well as act as sound barriers, fire resistance and insulation.

The two most common materials for interior walls are drywall and plaster. Plaster has actually been used since ancient times, commonly made of lime, sand, water and animal hair. Newer plaster is done with gypsum as it has faster drying time which was crucial to make construction time faster. As technology advanced drywall became more durable and readily available.

The advantages to plastering is the walls are created through a 3 step process. A lath is laid down and gives the gooey plaster the texture to hang onto. The first coat is laid applied, scratched and left to dry. It is important to have the right consistency for both this and the final layer to have a perfect texture and density. Because of the number of layers and lathing plaster walls are usually thicker than drywall which results in a better sound barrier as well as more insulated weather and air barrier. With the lathing, plastering can provide a more rigid wall which helps the walls ability to withstand breaking and buckling. The walls also have high water content due to the gypsum which has a much higher fire resistance than drywall.

Due to the complexity of installation hiring a professional such as Haydens Interior Plastering will pay dividends in the beauty the plaster will add to your walls as well as the added features mentioned in this article.