Plaster Cornices: Instant Classic Beauty

Plaster Cornices

Most of you have seen plaster cornices but have not known what they are called. They are the elaborate mouldings that join the wall and the ceiling much the way that baseboard mouldings join the floor and the walls. The history of plaster cornice moulding architecture and its decorative style dates back to the  European classicism of Mansart, Palladio and Wren. The style is also spread throughout the world as the few remaining buildings from that era still keep the style, and newer building emulate this timeless look. Many older buildings over time look to have these older pieces repaired or replaced and newer builders are inspired by the beauty. Historic ornamental plaster cornices were made of gypsum and lime which are stable and durable materials. Using the same materials or replacing them with plaster is an art to bring them back to original quality. An extremely versatile material, plaster can be modeled, cast, incised, colored, stamped, or stenciled to look like any of the older or newer moulds. We are experts at replicating and installing these plaster cornices to give your home that classic beauty.

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There are a wide variety of plaster cornices to choose from. From very elaborate, to just a simple moulding, we have what your design needs call for. We use only the best quality products to ensure a long lasting product, along with our expert installation your mouldings will always look beautiful. Another key step is blending the edges of the cornice with the wall and ceiling to flow perfectly together. Some rooms have a different steps with different cornices on each level. This classic architecture has an infinite amount of combinations that look beautiful together.

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